Welcome to my blog.

      As a girl born and brought up in India, Religion and spirituality are part of my up bringing . I grew up learning carnatic music and spent my mornings listening to maestros and temple chantings. A christian church was very near to our home where I used to play with my friends. My mom would bring amulets enchanted by a Muslim Imam.

      Religion to me is the essence of teachings of Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The shell of my secondary self is broken with the spiritual consciousness, I attained by humility, knowledge, pain and suffering.

        I cultivated the habit of learning and I never stopped educating myself, whether it is Tai chi or knitting or Ayurveda... I learned yoga, meditation and dream analysis. I help others with their dreams and indulge in many spiritual experiments and practices. My blogs manifest my spirited insides.

        As a kid I wanted to touch the sky, I climbed walls, roof tops, lifted long bamboos and searched for high buildings and towers. I asked Deepak Chopra over twitter about my madness and this is what he said -

"The world needs madness of love".

and quotes,
Let us be reckless, crazy and mad in love. If you are too careful God will escape you- Rumi,

Join me in my journey towards my spiritual divine self  and to release my kundalini Shakti to reach her divine partner Shiva.

My blessings and love


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