Notes on Meditation

After I started to meditate....
Will update this blog post from time to time...

12:39 PM 12/2/2009

  1. The first thing happened was, my shoulders relaxed releasing my tense mind.
  2. Later I tried to focus my attention on breath as I started to observe it, I was conscious of my breathing and started breathing heavily. Every time I divert my attention to breathing, I breathed heavily.
  3. This continued long for many days till I figured out that attention should be like, just being aware of it not concentrating on it.
  4. We need not observe it, just give up doing that and you will be breathing slowly at your own pace and the calmness and relaxation reaches you.
10:50 AM 12/11/2009

  1. I observed that we spent our lives in a such a way that we started to enjoy the disturbance, the scams, fears and laziness in such a way that at times when we have a call to do meditation, you simple don't listen to it. Inside you try to give a most convincing explanation why you cant do it. Seriously I'm not kidding, this happened with me many times.
  2. Please don't postpone it, if you cannot sit for 30 minutes give a brief meditation for say 15 min or sometimes say 10 minutes ? Ask your self, Can I do it ? If you can go for it...


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