Dreams and colors

Many dream analysts when they try to analyze a dream ask different questions, one of the questions they ask is , what is the color of your dream?
That can surprise some of us, we may think, Can it have any relevance and connection? sometimes we concentrate on other aspects of our dreams and nearly ignore and forget the color of the dream.
when I was analyzing a friends dream, She was mentioning about the change of colors of her dreams. I was aware of her consciousness and her observation.
To make you understand this more clearly, I will share some of her dreams. In one of her dreams, she was in a field and all she can see is a field with broken dry land and all around is a vast field as far as she can see and suddenly in her dream a wolf came and attacked her and she woke up scared. After she started to understand her dreams, she started to work on her relationships. In one of her dreams she was in a yellow field and she was feeling calm.

If we analyze this dream along with circumstances in her real life, she was telling me the colors of her dream. If you observe fields, the time when the field looks yellow is the time of harvest , and its the time when we start to reap our efforts.

In the same way I want you to observe and remember the color of the dream. Recently I started to see the color violet and Indigo in my dreams. Its like that dew and cloudy and dance of light and energy like laser beams kind of dream. I wish I could share a little bit more about this dream but I really don't remember much of this dream. It was just a part of a dream sequence . But I realized that I started giving importance to my buddhi ( the thinking and rationalizing part of my mind) , Earlier I observed that I relied a lot on my heart i.e., manas and ignored my rational self to some extent which can emotionally cause a lot of pain and suffering because if you are empathic it can start attracting the maladies around you if we are not emotionally strong and don't practice grounding and shielding properly that can lead to depression and other physical manifestations of emotional pain.
As my upper chakras are slowly started to react to my practices, I am blessed to understand the importance of my mind . when we believe on our practices, the universe will start to work on our balance and we can see that in our dreams and in our daily life and the Divinity starts to walk with us and help us.

May peace and divinity walk with you in your life.


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