Food and natures

As mentioned in the chapter 14 and 17 of Bhagavad Gita, Satvik food boosts the Satva guna. If we are not careful about the effects of Tamas nature they will catch up. This drives me to focus more into the nature of Tamas. Interestingly many of my actions tagged undesirably to it. This made me to tighten my loose ends and observe those actions and link them back to the quality of food I am hanging on.

Ignoring the beansprouts in the fridge, eating fries, chips and spices. Girl it's time to watch what you eat.
I wanted to perform a puja ritual and literally I was pushing my self to perform it, At that golden moment It was clear to me though my intelligent self is explaining whats happening with me, I am not feeling my usual self. I was not ready to do a prayer with out my absolute will but that alarmed me to look into the reason, whats happening with me? Scary are the results of Tamas nature.

P.S: Don't feed the Tamasik in you .

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