The Story of an Insect

Once there was an Insect that lived on the leaves of a Tulasi tree (Holy Basil) in front of a temple. She circulates the temple listening to the holy hymns and prayers and feeds on the prasadams (offerings to God). She learnt to chant the name of God from the sadhus (holy men) and her time was filled with bhakti (devotion). Rama Rama ...was the name on her lips. She never knew any kind of difficulty in her life.
One day a Bug was flying over the temple. She saw the holy basil tree decorated with all kinds of flowers. She came down to drink the honey and feed on the food around; there in between the flowers she saw a happily sleeping Insect. She grabbed the Insect and kept her in a hole on a tree. After a while she went outside in search of food.
Fear started in the heart of Insect for the first time. She never saw a Bug before and she has no idea when this Bug will return and when she is going to be killed. She could not stop thinking about the Bug, she forgot about the world she belonged to, the chanting of the holy names, singing the hymns and prayers and circulating the temple and the holy company. All she worries is about the Bug. Her fear never remembered her God and she never called his name.
After few hours she cried and cried and fell asleep .In her dream she was resting on the leaves of Tulasi tree and listening to the hymns of her God. She remembered her home and woke up. She prayed her god and cried for help and repented on being such a coward.
Later when the Bug returned she grabbed her with her feet. Then the Insect became very angry; this Bug has separated her from her home and made her life miserable. It freed her sting and stuck the bee into her stomach, Bug startled and released the Insect and the Insect fell straight on the leaves of the holy basil tree.
She hid herself in the leaves and hugged the Tulasi tree dearly. ‘I am grateful to you my Rama' she thanked her God with folded hands.


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