Salt as a cleanser

Salt has the divine properties of cleansing. This is an old Indian procedure of cleansing the negative Dhristhi, Dhristhi is the energy emitted from the eyes of the people who see us. Some people have bad Dhristhi. We can call this negative energy.

As per ancient Indian custom we do monthly sea bath. We visit sea shores perform rituals and take a bath. The salt water carries away negative energies and keeps the balance.

If we don't have sea near us then there is a procedure to clean it in our houses it self. Mix sea salt in water bucket and bathe with that water. You will feel refreshed. If granulated sea salt is not available around you can use table salt but it is sea salt which is used in this process.

You can also take sea salt in your hand and rub it in both palms all around your body rapidly in all directions in such a way that you can also hear the rubbing sound. After this take a bath.

One other technique is to mix sea salt in a glass of water and keep it near your head when you sleep. When you awake throw away the water in the morning. (Make sure you don’t touch the water).

More about rock salt and salt lamps. Yet to come…


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