Sitting Straight

As my first attempt towards my Journey, I decided to sit straight and walk tall. I read in many books that sitting straight and walking tall can bring a lot of change in us.

Initially it is a discomfort as we are used to our lazy habits, Our second nature try to push us towards our comfort zone. If you want to relax a bit, go ahead and relax a bit but get back to your goal. Try to remind yourself continuously, till it becomes a habit.

If your posture is not correct your body is slightly bent or inclined in a particular direction. According to Grand Master Choa kok Sui it can lead to a fatal situation called Kundalini syndrome. (More about the concept Kundalini syndrome can be found in his book Meditations for Soul Realization). It is important that we should correct it. Some exercises that can help you to correct it are given in our blog. If you are interested in yoga it will help you a lot.

A Useful tip: Try to keep weight on balls of your feet rather than on heels, this will help you to stand straight with good posture.

Advice: If your back aches take rest for a while and restore your energy. And make a habit slowly and always be aware of your goals.

For posture correction and exercise videos click here


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