Red color therapy for root chakra treatment

After going through pages on the benefits of color therapy. I thought it would be wonderful to use color therapy in my working with Root chakra.

Let me share my version of color therapy for root chakra treatment. I used the infra red light fitted in my bathroom. Infra red lights are effective but the problem is they let out a lot of heat. If you are sensitive to heat , I don't recommend you using Infrared lights.

Use the red color bulbs that are specially designed for color therapy. I suggest you to do this only for shorter duration and then slowly increase the time. Sit comfortably and let the light pass through your bare skin and relax. A comfortable posture with a Chin Mudra is helpful in Root chakra meditation.

If you have a table lamp replace the bulb temporarily with a red bulb or wrap a red color filter to it and let the light pass through you . We get all chakra color filters now.

Red color bulbs are equally useful as Infra red ones in our Root Chakra Meditation.

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