The puking experience

What a icky name to this one but it seems to be a part of spiritual experience.

I was thinking about thanking God in my thoughts. It felt peaceful and calm but suddenly I was entering the temple and puking on my God. One part of me did this and another self of me felt embarrassed and guilty.

I felt embarrassed and couldn't face my God and asked him to forgive me. But suddenly he spoke, he said let those thoughts flow if you can let out any thing like that I have the capacity to take it and make it pure. Let them out don't stop them, and don't feel embarrassed. Ignore them.

After I heard those divine words my heart felt so light. They erased my many years of guilt, I often used to get such kind of thoughts. They seem to be accompanied my prayers, but now I understand they are not to be obsessed and we need to concentrate on the good and pure ones.


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