oil pulling

So many times we hear about words like yoga, cleansing, healing ... but its like we keep our glasses in our pocket and search for them all over the house, we never pay a slightest attention to them. We ignore them as it does not belong to our world.

My father has this habit of oil pulling. I always watched it as a spectator but never felt like trying it. It sounds to me like when there is a divine will you will never know what you will be reminded of.

I am doing it from last three days and felt really good. Your mouth feels good, fresh and healthy and we can do our chores while pulling the oil and I felt no problem. We can pull the oil till our mouth is full and we can do no more. Lets start doing 10 to 15 minutes.

Well friends may be you are new to oil pulling and never might have heard of this. If you already heard then it then I suggest you to give a try.

Oil pulling has the base in ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition of cleansing your mouth with oil. It involves taking finer oils like sesame oil a table spoon or two, involves gargling and pulling oil through spaces in our mouth. Now a days oils like refined sunflower or any lighter refined oils are used according to people's convenience.

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