Experiences of synchronicity

Every experience has a significance while working with Chakras. Earlier while checking time in between my study it used to be some hour past 20 like 3.20, 4.20 , etc. I used to see that but never paid attention. But from few days when ever I check time it is 1.11, 2.22, 3.33 4.44 etc.. , I ignored it for few days but when it is repeating I asked my intuitive friends and they told me about synchronicity . They said it is one of the sign of spiritual awakening.

Few links which may help you in understanding synchronicity :

1. http://tribes.tribe.net/awakenings/thread/73f030b2-aace-41eb-a256-36b623e40629

2. An extract from a book

3. Symptoms of spiritual awakening


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