Lets make a tradition...

How to bring into our lives the little things we learnt along?
Answer is welcome them into your lifestyle.. make it a tradition.

In India or Japan traditions are framed based on many spiritual ideas....they made them into a tradition so that the benefits of a good lifestyle will be passed on to the next generations and become part of our life style..
Lets observe a yoga posture.. You all know it .. it is Vajrasana.. The squatting posture..

And I ask you a quick question who do you remember when you see this posture
Hmmm.. not a difficult question right.
Yes we all know it is the Japanese way of squatting ..
Where ever the best thing is.. Lets grab it into our life style and pass it to our next generation .. and make it our tradition for the coming days..
When ever you need to sit on the floor squat in Vajrasana.. it aligns the spine well and with out much effort will get into our daily lives.. with ease..
Initially it may give us a little pain.. change it to easy posture (not bending your spine though) and then get beck to your Vajrasana..

Hope this adds boost to your correcting posture and advance you in your spiritual journey.


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Constipation - An Experiment

This experiment is realted to constipation and root chakra:

Yesterday I went to library to prepare for my exam. I forgot water bottle. Normally at such times I drink the water in library.Yesterday I didn't drink water atall.. whole day to tell you...Morning, when I was leaving, I drank milk but not water. So I decided not to drink water. And after coming home I drank a glass of grape fruit juice but not water... When I went to bed I drank a glass of water .

So probably the whole day I drank may be a glass of water or two..
I wanted to see the effect on my body.. I was constipated yesterday and I got headache too. And today right from my getting up, I was farting bad and it smelled fowl..

Then my real experiment started. I drank a litre of water and sat on the toilet, then I used Gyan mudra, Well you can also use Prithvi mudra. And concentrated on the Muladhara Chakra, I kept the intent of excreting the waste. I even intended to excrete the unwanted energies. With in few seconds I started to excrete and slowly my constipated body returned to normal. After that I drank water again..

Working on Muladhara Chakra is especially beneficial in letting out the negative energies and unwanted wastes.. If you remember Muladhara chakra is the only chakra which is turned towards Earth... So if you work on your Root chakra , you are working on eliminating the wastes from your body and stay unconstipated..

And a last and important note. Stay always hydrated.. This is an experiment, Constipation is not the only problem that comes out of not drinking enough water. We can face a lot of health problems if we do not drink enough water.. This experiment is intended to demonstrate the importance of Root chakra and not how we can manage with out drinking water.

Happy New Year

Wishing you a very Happy, successful and prosperous New Year....